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If I had told you that popping a pill is all you need to stay active and alert throughout the day, you wouldn’t have believed me. Well, the time has changed for good. We can now take a tiny pill to ensure our cognitive functions aren’t disrupted because we haven’t had good sleep or are struggling with underlying health issues affecting our productivity, directly or indirectly. 

Whether you’re a professional competing with others to stay ahead in the workplace, a student pursuing higher education, or an oldie complaining about deteriorating brain health, the idea of setting everything right with a small pill seems alluring. So, the use of nootropic medicines, aka smart drugs, aka cognitive enhancers, is on the rise, and we are not surprised at all.

However, the million-dollar question is: do they really work? Is it safe to take them on a daily basis? Are they habit-forming?

Let’s dive deep into the world of nootropics to find out what they actually are. Before that, let’s learn about its history.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are substances that have direct and positive impact on our brain chemistry to boost cognitive functions.

These substances can be identified as naturally occurring herbs to prescription medicines and synthetic compounds. They have one goal to achieve – to improve mental performance.

History of Nootropics

Nootropics are popularly known as smart drugs because of their ability to boost your brain functioning. These medicines or substances can help you strengthen your memory, enhances your creativity, helps you stay motivated, and also increases your attention span. These benefits stem from the impact nootropics have on your brain’s chemicals aka the neurotransmitters and pathways. These are actively engaged in processes like thinking and processing the data.

Nootropics in the Ancient Times

In the ancient times, when the word “nootropic” was not in the use; people were using herbs and naturally available substances to boost cognitive health. Various herbs including Bacopa monnieri and Ginkgo biloba were in use to improve concentration, memory, and mental clarity. These ancient practices established the groundwork for further advancement of nootropics, and emphasizing their importance in overall well-being of cognitive functionality.

The Beginning of Modern Nootropic Era

Romanian psychologist and chemist Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea synthesized Piracetam in the year 1960, and with this started the modern era of nootropics. Piracetam is a derivative of GABA – a neurotransmitter, and it is the first official nootropic known to mankind. Dr. Giurgea ingrained a specific definition for a nootropic. He explained that a nootropic substance is the one that improves memory and learning, boosts brain’s functionality, safeguards the brain from chemical or physical injuries, and has a low risk of causing side effects along with minimal to zero toxicity. This steady development manifested a momentous milestone in the cognitive enhancers market, and paved a way for the birth of several amazing nootropic medicines such as Modalert,Modvigil,Artvigil,Modaheal, etc.

Evolution of Nootropics – From Herbs to Modern-Day Meds

After the discovery of Piracetam, it took no time for the field of nootropics to bloom. Researchers started to work with synthetic and natural compounds that showed potential cognitive-boosting properties, and it led to the addition of different classes of nootropic medicines encompassing adaptogens, racetams, and cholinergics. Sooner, people from competitive fields, and those seeking boost in their cognitive functionality embraced nootropics with open arms.

Modern Nootropics and Prospective Possibilities

We are blessed to be a part of the modern-day range of nootropics ranging from plant-based extracts to synthetic substances developed in the laboratories after a ton of research. These nootropics have one thing in common – they are committed to offer us enhanced cognitive functions so that we can excel in our careers and personal lives without any inhibition.

The nootropic industry has been expanding since the discovery of Piracetam, and achieving milestones one after the other leading to the birth of various efficient nootropics such as Modalert and Waklert. The industry persists to grow and is determine to carry out research into brain and cognitive health, improvement in cognitive functionality.

What Are The Different Types Of Nootropics?

Following are the types of nootropics with their mode of action and the cognitive benefits they provider. These are:

Prescription Nootropics or Smart Drugs

As the name goes by, these nootropics are prescribed by a doctor to treat certain health conditions including excessive daytime sleepiness, narcolepsy, dementia, etc.

These nootropics are:

  • Modalert or Modafinil for the eradication of excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Armodafinil or Artvigil for shift work sleep disorder
  • Amphetamines for the treatment of ADHD
  • Methylphenidate to manage the symptoms of narcolepsy and ADHD
  • Memantine to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

These prescription nootropics are efficient; however, these should be taken under medical supervision to avoid unpleasant situations such as severe side effects or drug interaction and associated ill effects.

Some studies have estimated that prescription nootropics such as Modalert help in enhancing brain function. However, an in-depth research is required to back this statement.

How Do Nootropics Work?

Research findings are inadequate to craft an accurate mode of action; however, some studies have explained that nootropics work on different systems in the body to produce a desired result – wakefulness and/or cognitive betterment. One such explanation is that nootropics boost blood supply to the brain which in turn let the brain utilize more oxygen.

Another study explains that nootropics such as Modvigil may increase adrenaline levels in the body producing effects similar to consuming large quantity of caffeine. This means people taking nootropic medicines stay awake for longer.

What are the uses of nootropics?

Different nootropics are used for a variety of purposes. Some of them are listed below

Some nootropics are beneficial in terms of increasing creativity. L-theanine nootropic increases alpha waves in the brain which is linked with increased creativity. Studies have also shown that taking it with caffeine is more effective.

Nootropics such as Modalert and Piracetam are often associated with enhanced memory and better learning. Such benefits are useful in treating conditions involving learning impairment or memory issues.

Nootropics not only offers lasting alertness but they also help you have better concentration and enhanced attention span. You need to take the medicines under a medical supervision to ensure better results

Why are nootropics popular amongst people?

There are several reasons to love nootropics. These are easily available and they take no time working on the issue. When you start taking nootropics such as Modalert or Modaheal, you get numerous benefits which are explained below:

Lasting wakefulness and alertness

Nootropics such as Modvigil are known for their ability to keep you wakeful and alert despite your damaged sleep cycle. Also, these medicines are also known to enhance your cognitive functions. These are called as “smart drugs” for a reason.

Boosted energy levels

People swear by the elevated energy levels granted by nootropic medicines. Thus, these medicines are popular amongst people working in competitive fields. People taking nootropic medicines as suggested by their doctor are prone to have unmatched alertness and a constant supply of energy.

Improved memory

If you are struggling with poor memory, you have to try nootropics such as Modalert or Artvigil. These medicines not only work on your sleep cycle but they are also known to be effective in terms of enhancing your working or immediate memory, and also episodic memory. This effect can be achieved in people with no sleep issues, and also in those dealing with depression.

Heightened motivation

Various studies carried out on dopamine-deprived mice and healthy adults have explained that nootropics work as a catalysts to boost positive thought process and impacts overall well-being on individuals. Though this could entirely be subjective, people buy Modafinil UK to ensure they stay wakeful and enjoy the sense of having elevated motivation throughout the day.

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