Terms and Conditions

The terms and condition section of Nootrapharma explains the rules and regulations that a user needs to abide by while accessing the website. We recommend reading this section and understand the points explained in it. We also recommend not using the website if you do not agree with the terms and conditions explained.

We hereby announce that by accessing our website, you agree to follow the rules and regulations mentioned. We can add, modify or delete the terms and conditions without giving any prior notification. To stay updated with the latest changes in any type of information displayed on, we recommend visiting our website periodically.

Website Usage

Please refrain from using any kind of automated device, algorithm, or methods of data collection to access or monitor any permitted portion of the website or the content. You should not copy or reproduce our website’s presentation, navigational structure and the content displayed on it. Under the terms and conditions, you agree not to copy or use information, any material, documents, image from our website. Upon finding such activities, we reserve a right to impose a lasting ban on such user id. Legal actions could be taken if necessary.

Copyright/Trademark Information

We have protected our website and its content such as logo, texts, images, forms, textual content by copyright rules. You are not allowed to copy, edit, share and/or promote our copyrighted contents and trademarks without our prior permission.

Website Uptime

Our website runs seamlessly on all platforms. A sudden downtime may happen due to any technical reason. We shall not be responsible for the temporary inconvenience.

In certain situations, for example, at the time of periodic maintenance, we do notify our customers. However, we shall not be obligated to provide a prior notice.

Limitation, Liability, and Compensation

We are an online platform to get medicines manufactured by reputed manufacturers and associated distributors. We do not give any warranty on the products displayed on our website. We are not responsible for the content, information, products, ingredients or products displayed on the website. You agree to purchase from our website at your own decision and risk as approved by pertinent law.

You must insure and hold us and our associates, agents, shareholders, officers and directors harmless from any type of damage, loss, or financial setbacks caused in linkage with the claims made by any third party. We keep the right to control the settlement, defense and resolution at your own risk.

Third Party Links

We have entertained third party links to be displayed on our website under special contracts. Please note that we do not support or promote these third party links. If a customer wishes to click on third party link and explore; we shall not be responsible for any damage that occurs after hitting third party links. Any third party link you see on our website is not seeking us as its marketing partners unless it is been acknowledged by a written agreement.

The third party should not forged its relationship with our website and other sites which are linked to us. Also, the third party websites should not display offensive or controversial content. Any damage occur due to such type of linking should be bore by the third party website in question.

Privacy Protection

Our website is protected with the latest security software that ensures safeguarding your data – personal as well as banking details. The software protects your data from third parties and hackers.

About Orders

All orders are subjected to availability and if any product isn’t available, we will notify when it would be available. We keep the rights to reject your orders at any given time. You should know that any type of automated acknowledgment with respect to your order shall not agree to our acceptance of your order request. The contract between us will launch when the products will be dispatched from us and you will be notified regarding the same via an email – a confirmation email – containing product details and an order tracking code.

All orders being shipped outside The UK may subject to delay because of customs of the destination country. We shall not be held responsible for delays occur due to customs handlings.


The prices displayed on the website have been set and agreed by the seller and the buyer. If the agreement is missing, the prices must be listed in the seller’s price list.

The seller has kept the rights to discard any discount from the regular price and revise the existing price of the product. The price can be increased without a prior intimation. The buyer shall be accountable to pay the taxes to the seller at the time of buying products

Payment Options

Payment options include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, MasterCard, Visa, and virtual wallets such as Bitcoin, PayPal etc

The Agreement

This terms and conditions embody the agreement between the buyer (you) and the seller (us).