Privacy Policy

We have crafted our privacy policy in alignment with the laws of the UK regulatory bodies in collaboration with the law regarding usage and collection of data. When you access our website, you agree to the privacy policy along with terms and conditions of our company. Our privacy policy is changeable without sending out any prior notice. Therefore, we recommend visiting our policy sections periodically to stay updated with regards to our operational changes.

The data we collect

We collect the identifiable data which include banking details and personal data of customers. We also collect non-identifiable data – IP address, browser name, operating system etc. We collect the data for our operational team and the data is non-shareable. We do not share your data to third party without your permission. The SSL security software encryption ensures the safety of your data. We encourage the practice of submitting correct shipping address, and other details to ensure smooth shipment process.

What do we do with the data collected from customers?

Identifiable and non-identifiable data by us is used to optimize customers’ online experience on our website. This helps us understand whether our website is user-friendly, efficient, and productive. We keep the data with us and use it at certain operations such as shipping or refund process. We use email addresses to send customers promotional newsletters and emails. However, customers can opt out of this service by unsubscribing to our mails. It is an easy process. As mentioned earlier, we do not share the data to any third party unless required by the law.

Website Uptime

Our website runs seamlessly on all platforms. A sudden downtime may happen due to any technical reason. We shall not be responsible for the temporary inconvenience.

In certain situations, for example, at the time of periodic maintenance, we do notify our customers. However, we shall not be obligated to provide a prior notice.

Cookie policy

We do use cookies to enhance customers’ experience with us. Also, this helps service providers associated with us to get access to the non-identifiable data of a customer. We have full control over this function and thus we can monitor it quite closely. We may also disable the permission given to third parties to have access to the non-identifiable data of customers at any given time.

We are in association with a few third party service providers to assure our customers get the best of the online experiences. However, we have not given permission to affiliated third parties to have access to the identifiable data of customers.