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Buy Pregabalin UK for the treatment of nerve pain and getting relief from it. It also helps in treating your epilepsy issue and helps in preventing seizures. Pregabalin UK can alleviate nerve pain caused by different conditions such as shingles, diabetes and some injury.

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What is Pregabalin? What is it used for?

A derivative of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), Pregabalin UK is a gabapentinoid medication (GABA analogue) possessing analgesic, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic properties. People buy Pregabalin UK to get relief from pain caused by fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy. This medicine is also useful in the treatment of restless leg syndrome, generalized anxiety disorder, opioid withdrawal symptoms. Pregabalin UK can be used as a supplementary treatment for partial seizures. You can buy this medicine in the form of tablets, capsules, and liquid.

How does it work?

The pain medicine works differently for different health issues addressed. Pregabalin for nerve pain works by blocking the transmission of pain signals from the affected body part to the brain and vice versa. This activity leads to suppression of pain for a longer period of time.

For epilepsy, this medication diminishes the abnormal electrical activity in the brain to control the seizure.

This drug prevents the release of chemicals within your brain that are responsible for causing anxiety symptoms. This is how it helps in keeping a tab on the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.

What is the right dosage?

When you buy Pregabalin Online UK, you must know that the dosages depend on the intensity of your health issue and your age. Your doctor will decide the dosing regimen for you that help you beat the health condition you are dealing with.

Dosages of Pregabalin for Pain

The starting dosage is 50mg taken thrice a day to reduce pain caused by diabetic neuropathy. This can be increased up to 100mg given 3 times a day. Dosages for senior and children are monitored by healthcare professionals.

Pregabalin for Nerve Pain

To reduce nerve pain caused by shingles, you need to take 75 to 150 mg dosage of Pregabalin UK twice daily. 50 to 100mg can be taken thrice a day.

Dosage for partial onset seizures along with other anti-seizure medicines

75mg or 50mg dosage should be taken twice or thrice a day respectively. Your doctor will settle on the correct dosage for you.

Dosages of Pregabalin for Fibromyalgia

A 75mg dosage is given twice daily in the beginning. The maximum dosage is 450mg a day. However, the dosage adjustment should be done by a healthcare professional.

How long does it take to start working?

Pregabalin for Pain starts working almost immediately; however, the visible effects can be experienced after a few days. Also, the effects can be seen as long as you are taking the medicine.

How long does it stay in your system?

The medicine stays in your system for approximately 30 to 35 hours post last dosages consumed. Nonetheless, the effects of the drug can be noticed after you discontinue using the medicine.

What if I missed a dose?

If you miss your scheduled dose, it is wise to take it as soon you recall. However, do not make up for the missed dose if the next scheduled dosage is up.

What if I overdose?

Never take more than prescribed dosages of Pregabalin UK medicine as this may lead to the onset of severe side effects causing unpleasant experiences.

What are the side effects?

You need to gather information about side effects caused by the medicine before you buy Pregabalin 300mg UK. Like every other drug, this one has a tendency to cause a few unpleasant side issues. Some of these may trouble you for longer while some may disappear by themselves, and are harmless.

Mild side effects are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Poor concentration
  • Blurred vision

Severe side effects are:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Weight gain
  • Chest pain
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness

What are the precautionary measures?

  • When you buy Pregabalin Online UK, you must know that this medicine may cause allergic reactions inclusive of hives, shortness of breath, etc. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking the medicine and get medical help.
  • This medicine causes dizziness and/or sleepiness affecting your ability to move, see or think. You should not get engaged in activities such as driving or working on machinery after taking this medicine.
  • Tell your doctor if you are already taking any medicines or health supplements before you buy Pregabalin 300mg UK. This medicine may interact with other drugs you are taking leading to the onset of unpleasant effects.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women must speak with their doctor, and weigh down the pros and cons before they buy Pregabalin UK medicine.
  • Elderly people and children are at higher risk of developing severe side effects. Thus, their dosages should be closely monitored by healthcare professionals.

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